State silver for debaters Seyfrett and Uranga

Cami Uranga and Kyle Syfrett pose with their UIL coach Pam Young

Photo courtesy of CCAISD Facebook

By Pam Young

0n Wednesday, March 9, VHHS debaters Camille Uranga and Kyle Seyffert traveled to Austin to compete first in the Texas Forensic Association’s State Meet.  One hundred six debate teams from all classifications of schools and from all over the state competed for the title of best Debate Team in Texas.

Our team debated three 5A or 6A schools, on Thursday, then went back again on Friday for another round.  Ultimately they were not among the 36 teams who came back on Saturday to finish the quest for the title, but they represented Van Horn well.

On Sunday they were joined by the other VHHS debaters, Ashanti Garcia and Steven Urias.  Monday morning, bright and early, all four headed for the University of Texas campus, where the State UIL Meet is held.   After a grueling day with four rounds of debate, (that means 6 hours of non-stop thinking, preparing, listening, and speaking), the preliminary rounds were done.

Finally the top speakers in each classification were announced. It wasn’t a surprise to those of us who’ve heard him speak/debate, but our own Kyle Seyffert won 4th speaker for all Class 2A schools which is quite an accomplishment.

The Octo-finalists quarter finals were announced and Kyle Seyffert and Cami Uranga made it.  Ending they’re high school debate careers with a State Silver Medal.  They have transformed from beginners who were disrespected by the district we were in, and not even allowed an opportunity to compete, to a team  recognized by name, and feared.  They are coachable, respectful, hungry to win, and at the same time, unwilling to take advantage of teams with less experience and ability.

Coach Pam Young: A delight to be around.  They are a class act, and the past three years with them have been an amazing rollercoaster ride that I am blessed to have been on.  A huge thanks to Marcia Crowley who drove us many, many miles, offered support and encouragement and sacrificed unselfishly of her time and resources to allow Cami and Kyle to become who they now are.

“I thank God for all of our awesome support from family, friends, and the opportunity to have another state medal with this amazing team that led us there”, said Uranga.

“l want to say thank you to my coaches Pam Young, and Marcia Crowley, and a special thanks to my partner Camille Uranga, for the most humbling and rewarding past three years of my life during debate”, said Seyffert.


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