Upgrades to Sheriff’s Office 9-1-1 Dispatch Workstation completed

Culberson County dispatch station.

Photo by Sheriff’s Department.

By Aarón Burciaga,

RGCOG 911/GIS Coordinator

The Culberson County Sheriff’s Office recently installed a new dispatch console workstation, with the assistance of Culberson County and the Rio Grande Council of Governments through funding received from the Commission of State Emergency Communications. The new workstation will give dispatchers a much more efficient and comfortable area to perform their duties. In addition, the dispatcher’s computers and monitors were also replaced, and the latest 9-1-1 software installed.

The dispatch console was installed with the fine work and assistance of Russ Bassett, AT&T, Tri-Temp Electric, and RTC Inc., as well as members of the Sheriff’s Office and Culberson County’s Maintenance personnel.

The Rio Grande Council of Governments, Culberson County, and Culberson County’s Sheriff’s Office appreciate the assistance of the Hudspeth County’s Sheriff’s Office and their dispatchers in answering Culberson County’s 9-1-1 calls during the two day transition.


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