Back row – Jacelynn Lucas, Nathaniel McCarthy, Isaac Baeza, Ryan Corrales, Hays Morriss, Michael Robinson, Kyle Seyffert, Matthew Acosta, Manav Patel, Jaime Santa Cruz

Middle row – Ruby Ontiveros, Beatriz Marta, Angelina Rodriguez, Vivana Sanchez, Luna Urias, Crystal Baeza, Isela Velez, Steven Urias, Fabian Baeza, Diff Torres

Front Row – Cami Uranga, Ashanti Garcia, Noah Garcia, Mirella Zambra, Samanth Cabezuela, Jackie SantaCruz

Photo courtesy of CCAISD


Nathaniel McCarthy, Hays Morriss, Isela Velez, Manav Patel, Fabian Baeza

Photo Courtesy of CCAISD

By Marcia Crowley

On Saturday, April 2, the Van Horn High School UIL Academic teams traveled to Fort Hancock to participate in the District 6 AA UIL Academic Meet winning the District Champion.

Results are as follows:

Social Studies – 1st place – JC Clark; 2nd place – Esteban Urias, Jr.; 3rd place – Diff Torres; 4th place – Matthew Acosta & TEAM: 1st place

  Spelling & Vocabulary – 2nd place – Michael Robinson; 5th place – Justice Santa Cruz; 6th place – Ruby Ontiveros; & TEAM: 2nd place

  Mathematics – 3rd place – Fabian Baeza; 4th place – Jackie Santa Cruz; 5th place – Manav Patel; & TEAM: 2nd place

  Science – 1st place – JC Clark; 2nd place – Crystal Baeza; 4th place – Manav Patel; 6th place – Jackie Santa Cruz; JC Clark was Top Physics Scorer & 2nd Highest Biology Scorer; TEAM: 1st place

  Prose Interpretation – 1st place – Noah Garcia; 2nd place – Viviana Sanchez; 3rd place – Samantha Cabezuela

  Persuasive Speaking: 1st place – Kyle Seyffert

  Poetry Interpretation – 1st place – Luna Urias; 2nd place – Camille Uranga; 3rd place – Kyle Seyffert

  Informative Speaking – 1st place – Camille Uranga; 2nd place – Ryan Corralez

  Ready Writing – 1st place – Jacelynn Lucas; 3rd place – Ruby Ontiveros; 4th place – Beatriz Marta

  Number Sense – 1st place – Manav Patel, 2nd place – Fabian Baeza; 3rd place – Jackie Santz Cruz; 5th place – Isela Velez; TEAM: 1st place

  Current Issues – 2nd place – Diff Torres; 3rd place – JC Clark; 4th place – Esteban Urias, Jr.; TEAM: 1st place

  Literary Criticism – 1st place – Luna Urias; 2nd place – Diff Torres

  Accounting – 1st place – Jacelynn Lucas

  Headline Writing – 2nd place – Jacelynn Lucas

  Editiorial Writing – 1st place – Ashanti Garcia; 2nd placae – Mirella Zambra; 6th place – Jacelynn Lucas

  Feature Writing – 1st place – Ashanti Garcia; 2nd place – Beatriz Marta; 3rd place – Mirella Zambra

  News Writing – 1st place – Ashanti Garcia; 2nd place – Mirella Zambra; 3rd place – Beatriz Marta

  Journalism Team: 1st place

Speech Team: 1st place

  Calculator Applications: 1st place -Manav Patel; 2nd place – Fabian Baeza; 3rd place – Isela Velez;

4th place – Hays Morriss  TEAM: 1st place

  The Van Horn High School Calculator team placed first at District.  A title Van Horn has held since 1998.  The team includes seniors Manav Patel, Fabian Baeza, Isela Velez, and freshmen: Hays Morriss and Nathaniel McCarthy.  Manav Patel has been on the Calculator team for 4 years; Fabian Baeza for 3 years and Isela Velez joined the team last year.   Newcomers Hays Morriss and Nathaniel McCarthy proved they were worthy of spots on the team with their successes at several Invitational Meets this year.   The students and I were worried when Mr. Buchhorn retired from coaching the team 3 years ago, but we were able to continue the success he built along with credit to Mrs. Buchhorn training the Junior High squad.  It will be quite a loss when these seniors graduate, but there are several students waiting in the wings and, hopefully, the legacy will continue.

  Total points for Van Horn High School: 653,  which includes all points awarded at Saturday’s Meet plus points awarded for One-Act Play District.  All medalists and 1st place teams advance to Regional Competition in Odessa on Saturday, April 23.


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