Demolition for new Van Horn Rural Health Clinic completed

Ongoing demolition for the new Van Horn Rural Health Clinic.

Photo By Lisa Morton

By Judy Blazek

Phase I of construction of a new Van Horn Rural Health Clinic was completed this week, with the demolition of the interior of the south wing of Culberson Hospital announced Edwin Easley, President of the Culberson County Hospital District.

This initial phase will be followed by remediation of the asbestos present in the tile flooring which, including inspections and approval by the state, will take an estimated four weeks.

“We are all anxious to move on to the construction phase,” said Jonathon Voelkel, Culberson Hospital Administrator.  “The number of patient visits at the existing clinic continues to grow, and we hope to recruit a new physician soon, so additional space is sorely needed.”

“Demolition has also been messy as debris has been removed from the building,” Voelkel explained, “but this will all be removed shortly.”

A separate entrance will be created for the new clinic, and the main entrance to the hospital will be renovated to reflect the design of the new addition to the hospital.  Finishes will be similar to those incorporated into the renovation of the north wing that houses physical therapy, medical records, the business office and administration.

Completion of the project is scheduled for December 2016.

Microsoft Word - Hospital Demo, 04-07-16.docx


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