Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns Partner with Texas Dept. of Transportation to share Centennial Message

Contact: Elizabeth Jackson

Salt Flat, Sister national parks, Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mountains share more than just 45 miles of Chihuahuan desert landscape between the two parks. They share an active highway rest stop that attracts ten of thousands of visitors every year traveling from El Paso, Texas to Carlsbad, New Mexico along the main state highway. Seeing an opportunity for outreach, Texas Department of Transportation agreed to host a Centennial exhibit at the rest area.

The project was a shared endeavor with Carlsbad Caverns taking care of the graphic design work and Guadalupe Mountains managing the project and installation. “Sharing ideas, funds and skills in the spirit of the National Park Service’s Centennial made this project a success,” said Elizabeth Jackson, Guadalupe Mountain’s Chief of Interpretation and Education. “We are excited to share the message of our 100th birthday of America’s national parks with Texas and New Mexico residents and visitors, and look forward to working with our sister park again soon.”

Photos on the exhibit banners depict canyons in fall colors and El capitan of the Guadalupe Mountains, as well as cave formations and a Chihuahuan desert species of yucca flowering at Carlsbad Caverns. “These beautiful banners help inform visitors about the wonderful tourism opportunities we have here in southeast New Mexico. With two great parks in such close proximity, there’s so much for visitors to experience when they visit the Carlsbad area,” commented Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, Chief Executive Officer Robert Defer. The exhibit will remain hanging at the rest area until October, 2016.


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