Home School students visit Fort Davis National Historic Site

By Edna Clark

A semester of study about Black American and Native American history was culminated in a field trip to Fort Davis National Historic Site field trip.  The Fort represents a time in our Nation’s past where the Black, Native American, and White cultures met and melded.  From the Buffalo Soldiers to Commander Grierson and Captain Henry Flipper, to the Apache Chief Victorio, the students learned of a time of segregation, but unity, and the end of the Apache Empire.

Students Felix Lopez, Tommy Banta, Stetson Owen, Yesenia Castillo, and teen volunteer JC Clark enjoyed a guided tour of the Fort by volunteer, Jim Hevelone, and visits with Rangers John Heiner and Bill Manhart.  Their day closed with a stop at the Drug Store in the town of Fort Davis for some great ice cream.

Fort Davis National Historic Site is open 7 days a week to the public. The rangers and volunteers are available to answer questions from visitors and encourage everyone to come out and see a part of our Nation’s history.


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