Van Horn Recreation Center opens

By Edna Clark

The Van Horn Recreation Center officially opened on Monday, with 16 eager and lively boys and girls present.  Center Coordinator, Melinda Baeza, supervised some animated basketball while Program Director, Chasitty Carrillo tutored and worked with crafts.  Teen volunteer, JC Clark, monitored the youngsters and assisted Ms. Baeza in making future plans and programs for the Rec. Center.

11 year old Giovanni Corralez, a former BGCRWT participant since he was 6 years old, said that he was glad that the Rec. Center was open.  He is looking forward to having a place to go to play basketball and get help with his homework after school.  Giovanni wants to see a ping-pong table, lots of music, and Mine Craft video games for additional fun times.

14 year old Alexis Flores likes having a safe place for games with his friends and wants lots more kids to join him in the Rec. Center.  He feels that good advertisement, more activities, and computer games & programs will bring out more kids.  Alexis wants to see grass growing behind the building and would love to learn how to take care of a garden.

11 year old Elijah Gaines says that it is “cool” to have the Rec. Center going.  He too enjoys playing basketball with his friends.  Elijah wants to have more activities like building things, snack food, and Mine Craft games.

Ms. Baeza and Mrs. Carrillo were extremely excited to have the Rec. Center open, and seeing all the youngsters there was especially heartwarming for them.  Both ladies encourage more youngsters to come out to enjoy the activities, make new friends, learn to cook, and learn new things.

JC Clark will be working with Ms. Baeza on setting up sports tournaments along with video game tournaments, and forming a chess club.  He encourages teenagers and adults alike to come out and share their strengths and talents that mentor our younger kids.

The Rec. Center is open Monday through Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  After high school graduation, the Rec. Center will be open from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The late Advocate Editor, Robert Morales supported the need to continue the program in Van Horn and had it on his radar for promotion.  Everyone is invited to come out and participate with this worthy endeavor.


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