It just comes naturally

by Rodney Tilley

  A few years back we owned a golden retriever named, “Red.” She was a beautiful dog and loved everybody she met. But Red one day came home with an announcement and confided in us that she was going to have puppies, and like an expectant father I too was thrilled. Watching “Red,” our golden retriever have her first set of puppies was a real learning experience for me, and I guess for her as well.  My family always had male dogs when growing up, so having a set of puppies around was really “cool” as they went from blind little munchkins to biting little munchkins, eating and chewing on everything.

     But the most interesting thing that I learned from this open book on dogs was the fact that “Red” already knew what to do with those little guys even before she had them.  Some people tell me that it is called, “instinct;” that innate knowledge that animals possess, that behavior specific to the task.  But I saw other instincts in her as well even before the puppies came. For example if you took “Red” bird hunting she would lift that right front leg and point in the direction of the latest bird that came into view.  She understood bird hunting in the same way that beagles hunt rabbits and border collies love sheep.

     It is just in them, in some recess of their mind, in that secret place that zoologists reduce to a set of chemicals and a mass of electrical impulses.  But my question has always been, “How does it get there and how do those dogs know?”  It is not learned, for “Red” never had puppies before nor had she read the book, “Puppies for Dummies.”  It was just in her.

     I guess for us, it is like the instincts that we too possess. The Bible says in Hebrews 10:16 that God said,  “I will write my laws in their hearts, and I will write them on their minds.” Some things are just in us. The knowledge of God is there, not hidden, but written on the tablets of our heart.

     It comes natural for us to desire a relationship with God, to find out who the creator is, and to understand His purpose and His will for our lives. It is just in us and call it what you will, you do not have to learn it or experience it; it is just there.

     It seems to me that you must learn not to believe in God, for in every society and in every nation, men thrive in the knowing.  It is just who we are and to be an atheist is to be practically non-human, for this instinct of knowing our God is as natural as “Red” having puppies.

    Again I must ask, “How does it get there and how do dogs, excuse me, I mean people know? I would assume it is from God since he is the creator of all mankind and desires to know us personally.

     So the next time your dog has puppies, remind yourself that you too have knowledge that is unworldly, supernatural, but in reality so perfectly natural, as natural as God himself. Quit doubting and start believing, start being the golden retriever you are. It just comes naturally.

For more information on the nature of God please call: Pastor Tilley at 432-207-0015.   


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