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Dear Tia,

I have been married for 4 years and although I knew that my husband had different political leanings than me and my family, we always managed to overlook our differences for the sake of keeping the peace.  However, during this election, we argue nearly every day!  He insists on watching Fox news and I watch CNN and MSNBC, which is another fight since we only have one TV.  Last week, he proudly announced that he was voting for Donald Trump which made me lose it and 3 hours later, we were not talking to each other.

We have barely been civil to each other since his announcement and now I am wondering what else I don’t know about him and I have doubts that I even want to continue to be married to this stranger.

Am I being too sensitive, or should I see this as a warning sign that our marriage is in trouble?

What did I get myself into?

Dear What,

The blush of new love has a tendency to overlook very important differences between couples.  There should always be a frank discussion about whether the couple wants children, what religion they will raise the children if they have any, and political affiliation!  Any drastic difference in any of the above, is a red flag for remaining compatible.  In this election season, I would bet that a spouse voting for Trump would qualify not only for irreconcilable differences but would certainly put into question his mental capacity.  Please seek counseling as soon as possible and ask your doctor or pastor to refer your husband to a deprogramming specialist since obviously he has been brainwashed.  Good luck!


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