Ask Tia Juana

     Tia Juana will cheerfully provide advice for anyone that asks.  Just mail your questions to “Ask Tia Juana” at PO Box 8, Van Horn, Texas 79855.  All questions will remain anonymous unless there is a chance for extortion.  Disclaimer:  Tia Juana is not a licensed counselor or therapist and none of the advice should be considered professional.

Dear Tia,

My wife and I live in a fairly nice neighborhood and work hard to try to keep our lawn and yard looking nice, just like most of our neighbors.  However, the house next door is a rental and to put it nicely, the tenants do not watch HG TV nor do they subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens!  If it was just a matter of weeds and overgrown grass, we could deal with it, and as a matter of fact, the neighbor on the other side of the Amityville house, has mowed their lawn several times before giving up.  There is garbage, old pillows and sheets and car parts in front of their house and they seem oblivious to the shameful condition of their house.  Short of arson, what do you suggest?

Neighborhood Watch

Dear Watch,

As tempting as a blowtorch may seem, the best way to handle irresponsible, piggy tenants is to contact the landlord with pictures of their investment depreciating by the hour.  If that fails to produce any response, I believe in the old adage, “good fences make good neighbors.”  Good luck!!


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