Ask Tia Juana

Ask Tia Juana

Dear Tia,

Is it just me, or does the sound of someone crunching ice make anyone else want to run in front of a running car?  My co-worker fills up a huge glass with ice several times a day, and every crunch drives me up the wall.  Not only does she crunch, she smacks, another annoying habit, so I feel like I am in pet peeve hell!  What can I do to maintain my sanity besides praying that my co-worker’s teeth wear out within the next year or filing for disability for mental duress?

– Ear ache

Dear Ear ache,

Most habitual crunchers and smackers don’t realize how loud and annoying they are.  Give her a dose of her own medicine and crunch away hard candy, Doritos, and yes, ice!  Crunch continuously and watch for signs of annoyance.  If she is oblivious, it’s time to find another job, or knock her teeth out!


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