Market for meth reduced after dealer bust

By Lisa Morton

Saturday a speeding motorcycle, failing to stop for local officers, was eventually stopped by City Park.  A searched found 50 year old William Oliver Carroll to be in possession of suspected methamphetamine.  Carroll resisted arrest and a gun was subsequently found.   Carroll resides next to Dollar General Store on Broadway.  He has posted $17,000 in bonds and was released yesterday.

“My concern is the manufacture and distribution of meth,” said Sheriff Oscar Carrillo.  The crystalized substance seems to be the drug of choice here in Van Horn.  “It’s cheap and easier to transport in from New Mexico and the Permian Basin,” the Sheriff added.

Recent drug arrests here have involved the use and possession of meth.  “What also concerns me is a pipeline operation released several employees for refusing to take a drug test earlier this week.”   “On the bright side that’s less people in Van Horn abusing this drug,” Carrillo said.


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