Flood Training during Tuesday’s downpour

Trainers from Parkhill, Smith and Cooper demonstrate how even a small amount of rain can be catastrophic in flood plain areas

Photo by Gilda Morales

By Gilda Morales

County Judge Carlos Urias, Commissioner Gilda Morales and City Administrator Fran Malafronte attended a training session on Flood Plain Management held in Ft. Stockton yesterday.  Ironically, the training was in progress during the deluge in Van Horn yesterday.  The training was provided by the firm of Parkhill, Smith and Cooper and gave an overview of how to prevent building on existing flood plains in Culberson County and the town of Van Horn.   

Culberson County residents are eligible to purchase flood insurance now, after County Commissioners voted last year to qualify by adopting flood plain management regulations.  Flood insurance is relatively inexpensive and for local residents should cost approximately $400 per year.


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