Private business executive donates border security equipment after visiting Culberson and Hudspeth Counties

A grateful group of local law enforcement pictured with Congressional Candidate, Paul Nehlen, (left third back).

Photo Courtesy Nehlen Campaign

Contributed by Paul Nehlen Campaign

Wisconsin business executive and candidate for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, Paul Nehlen, announced today a $42,000 donation he has made to Hudspeth and Culberson counties in West Texas.

Mr. Nehlen visited these border counties several weeks ago and met with local law enforcement officials to learn more about this crisis and what locals in West Texas call, “Almost America.”

It’s called Almost America because local law enforcement officers are forced to fight Mexican drug cartels that are aided and abetted by the Mexican Army… on our own soil… while U.S. Immigration personnel are located nearly 30 miles away.

“Our government has wasted billions of dollars on border security tactics that don’t work,” Nehlen said. “These local enforcement officials get virtually no help from the federal government. They’ve received $42,000, an amount that didn’t fulfill their security needs. They don’t have rifles, body armor or the tools they need to secure their portion of the border.

“My wife and I discussed what I found on the West Texas border and decided that we must do the right thing and help these people secure the border for their community and for our country as a whole,” Nehlen continued. “So we’re personally matching the $42,000.”

The Nehlen campaign released a video today featuring dash cam footage of law enforcement fighting with Mexican drug cartel members and the Mexican Army on U.S. soil. In some cases, local police are only armed with sidearm pistols.

The $42,000 worth of gear includes AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, body armor, ammunition, drones and night vision.

“Politicians like Paul Ryan have had 18 years to fix this problem and yet we are worse off today than we were back then and short billions of dollars in wasted tax dollars,” Nehlen concluded. “We need a change in Washington.”

The Advocate reached out to Mr. Nehlen yesterday morning regarding this article and to confirm his position.  Nehlen’s response to our local needs puts him on the right path towards becoming an effective Congressman.


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