Special meeting and re-convene Public Hearing with CCGWCD

By Edna Clark

The Culberson County Groundwater Conservation District met on Friday, July 8, with three of five members present.  In attendance were Vance Cottrell, Lane Brewster, and Cruz Parada. Attorney, Steve Mitchell, once again served as Hearing Officer for two public hearings.

Petitioner Edwin Easley was granted his Request for Historic Use Production Permit HUPP001A along with Dan Sawyer who was approved for his Request for Amendment HUPP027A.  According to General Manager, Summer Webb, these amendments allow increased water usage from the Lobo Aquifer. Ballinamona II, L.P., withdrew the company’s contest to prevent the changes requested by Easley and Sawyer.  All parties, including the General Manager, are responsible for their own fees, costs, and expenses incurred during the Permit procedures.

Petitioner Forrest Perry will be heard from at a later date.   


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