Note :The article below describes a variety of fun outdoor painting projects that can successfully be done indoors by anyone. For more information, please contact Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert for the Paint Quality

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Spring House, Pa — Even when the weather’s too hot for exterior painting,

you can still do some “outdoor” painting indoors, suggests Debbie Zimmer,

design expert with the Paint Quality Institute.

“Just focus on fun items like birdhouses, mailboxes, and planters that can

be colorfully painted in the comfort of your home, then moved outside later

on,” she says.

The most straightforward approach is to give these “satellite” items the

same color treatment as your home’s exterior.  If your house is painted

green and beige, for example, you can use the same color scheme on your

outdoor elements to create a totally coordinated look.

But if your taste trends more toward tutti-frutti and less to plain vanilla,

you can have even more fun painting these items.  They all take on even

greater personality when given more whimsical treatment, the quirkier the


Take a birdhouse, for example.  Why shouldn’t your fine-feathered friends

have a look all their own?  And why not in showy colors as vibrant as their

plumage?  You can use paint to celebrate their presence with bright colors

and interesting patterns that mirror their own natural beauty.

Focused instead on your mailbox?  Then adopt a color scheme that sets yours

apart from the crowd.  If you’re patriotic, why not add some stars and

stripes?  If you like gardening, paint some colorful blooms on your box.

Like sports?  Why not embellish your mailbox with your favorite team’s


Planters, too, can benefit from creative treatment.  Choose paint color that

enhances the flowers or foliage they house.  For extra pizzazz, embellish

your planters with appealing patterns and designs.

Every one of these items takes on even more panache when imaginatively

constructed.   If you’re handy with a hammer, why not build a birdhouse,

mailbox, or planter that resembles the house you live in?  Or, create a

custom piece appropriate to your locale, or one that reflects a personal

passion, hobby, or interest.

Whatever form your outdoor items take, you’ll want to protect all your

handiwork with the most weather-resistant exterior paint.  According to

Zimmer, that typically means using a top quality coating made with 100%


“Paints and coatings made with 100% acrylic are extremely durable,

fade-resistant, and flexible enough to expand and contract in extreme

temperatures,” she says.  “As a result, they can protect outdoor creations

from the elements for many years to come.”

Once you complete your colorful craft items and place them out of doors, you

can be sure they’ll bring a smile to the faces of all who see them.  And,

since they’ll be a great reflection of your own creative talent, one of the

biggest of those smiles will be yours!

To learn more about creative exterior painting, visit the Paint Quality

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