Advocate has new distribution schedule

By Lisa Morton

The Van Horn Advocate has a new printer and delivery schedule for our weekly paper.  Last week Signature Offset of Las Cruces, (who has printed our paper since we went to color 3 years ago), closed their plant with little to no warning to customers and employees.  Fortunately, they recommended PDX Printing in El Paso to help get the paper printed and delivered last week.  “Although we didn’t much care for the last minute notice, PDX Printing came through with flying colors”, said Editor Gilda Morales.  At this time, the logistics of getting the paper from press to Van Horn will mean a two hour delay in distributing around town and for subscriptions customers with the Van Horn Post Office.  This may be a difficult adjustment for those reserving that second or third cup of coffee to go with The Advocate so we hope you will bear with us as we experience the transition.


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