Where Are They Now? – Danny Suarez

I left Van Horn after high school in 1993 and managed to come back a few times. I moved to Seattle, WA in 1997, where I worked as a retail department head for a corporate retail store for about 5 years. After my time in Washington, I moved around the country before eventually relocating to Odessa, TX in 2003. During this time, I found success in not only working for a Fortune 100 company, but also in developing a strong bond with my nieces Leslie and Elena, and my nephews Kristopher, Zachary, and Levi.

In 2008, I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Travis Ard, an amazing human being who would turn out to be my partner and future spouse. We relocated to Columbia, MO in 2009, where I began my studies at Columbia College and got my start in the property management industry. A few years later, we relocated to St Louis to begin a new career path in property management. Through this transition I was resolved to maintain full-time status at school while working and maintaining a successful apartment community.

Although my original plan was to get my degree in Nursing, I changed my major a few months before graduation and took a different course in life. I will be graduating this December with my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (and it can’t come soon enough). Travis and I bought a house last July and are pretty much enjoying the life we have with our two pups KoKo and Lilly. On my spare time, I enjoy recording music and videos for my YouTube channel and SoundCloud profile (If you’d like to find me, just search “Danny Suarez Sings”).

I miss the great people of Van Horn and think of them often. I am fortunate enough to occasionally spend time with my old friends Jesse Olivas and Imelda Sanchez when I come to town to visit my Grandfather, Octavio, and other family. My hometown holds a special place in my heart. Although, I was desperate to leave when I was younger, I have come to realize that Van Horn is a town where real memories are made, real friendships are formed, and a real sense of family is found within the community. With this said, I’m not sure where life or my career will take me in the future, or where I will be living. But I do know that Van Horn will forever be considered my home.


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