CCAISD campus design in preliminary stages

By Becky Brewster

Parkhill, Smith and Cooper has been meeting with a staff committee to begin the design phase of the new K-12 campus that was approved in May.  Some local teachers were taken on a tour of campuses in Midland and Odessa to see “21st Century Learning Schools” which exemplify the current paradigm shift from traditional schools to a new means of teaching and grouping the students.  The committee then had three meetings to plan the spaces for the educational needs of the District within the square footage the District can afford .  Supt. Benavides noted that the key to the design is to develop a space that will serve 50-60 years into the future. CCAISD plans to hold a public meeting on September 7 to present what has been completed in terms of planning thus far.

The Board also renewed the Property, Casualty and Workers’ Compensation Insurance with USI for 2016-2107.  Supt. Benavides reported that the new premiums are down almost $10,000 from the prior year.

On the recommendation of Supt. Benavides, the Trustees opted to approve the purchase of attendance credits, (Chapter 41, Option 3), as a means to send some of the “surplus” funds to the State since the District is still classified as a “property rich” District.  This is the same method used during the current year.

In other business, the CCAISD Board members:

•Approved  Walsh-Anderson-Gallegos Legal Retainer Agreement for 2016-2017.

•Approved a Legal Retainer Agreement with Steve Mitchell for 2016-2017.

•Scheduled a public hearing on the budget and proposed tax rate for August 29, 2016.


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