Where are they now? – Mark Favela

Editor’s note: This feature is dedicated to profiling Van Horn High School Alumni and updating locals on what became of them after graduation.  The Advocate welcomes information for publication on VHHS Alumni and will try to highlight two Van Horn Eagles every week.

Hello, my name is Mark Favela well to be precise and technical the last name that many of you will remember me by is Fabela.  I graduated from VHHS in 1993. Wow…seems so long ago.  And a lot has happened since then, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  Let me stick to the beginning.   I grew up in Van Horn with my brother Chip Argumaniz. We were adopted by our grandparents Joe and Alene Meeks.  It’s a long story and not enough time to tell it, but it was for the best, as I found out later in life.  The summer after graduation I became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and worked for Culberson County Hospital on the ambulance. Long hours and little pay but the excitement was definitely not in short supply. I had also worked for Van Horn Office Supply / Radio Shack during my last years living in Van Horn.  Afterwards I enrolled Sul Ross State University in Alpine. While in college I continued to work on the Ambulance in Alpine to help pay for my education.

Before completing a bachelor degree, I decided to join the US Coast Guard. It seemed to me to be the best course of action. At least that’s what the commercials and my recruiter told me.  I served 5 years active duty in the Coast Guard and 4 yrs in active reserve, which brought me all the way from Texas to Alabama.  After leaving active duty I was employed by BP America as a maintenance technician, which eventually lead to the position of Plant Supervisor. Employment with BP was very exciting and I had many perks and was able to do something that I always hoped and dreamed of doing.  I was able to travel and see new places all across the world.  I learned much and had an opportunity to experience even more. I invested my whole self into that job and it paid dividends.  But I guess all good things come to an end, because sadly after 9 years, BP decided to close the facility I was working at.  However I was generously offered the option to move to another facility up north, but let’s be real I am a Southern Guy to the heart and I need my warm weather.  I decided to leave BP America and continued my path into public service. If any of you remember me from growing up, public service has always been a passion of mine. I continued my career in EMS and attended the Alabama Fire College in an effort to obtain my Paramedic License. It took me two years to do so, but graduated top of my Class and was one of the class spokesmen.

While attending the Alabama Fire College, well actually before I enrolled, I began to work with AmStar EMS.  It is an EMS company that I helped open and establish in 2009. I am employed as a Paramedic but I am the Network Administrator as well.  I also currently serve on the Alabama Fire College Paramedic Program Committee to help ensure success with the Paramedic Program.  I decided to follow another passion of mine which is Law Enforcement. Yes I have a lot of irons in the fire.  I am currently a Reserve Police Officer with the Demopolis Police Department, and have been for the past 8 yrs. I am also on the SWAT Team Member and have been the SRT Medic for the last 6 years.

With all the adventures that have unfolded in my life I still really miss the West Texas scenery and the mountains. I still get nostalgic just thinking about it.  No matter where I go, when people ask where I am from, I proudly say West Texas. That has been and forever will be my home. But here I am now serving my community in the great state of Alabama.  Well I gotta go now.  I think that I have held you long enough. I just wanted to share my story with everyone.  If y’all are ever out my way here in Alabama hit me up.


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