Ask Tia Juana

Dear Tia,

Today while looking through Facebook, I noticed a posting by many of my friends that has made the rounds several times and is so obviously a hoax that I find myself screaming at my phone or computer!  Not only that, the posting has been proven to be a hoax so many times that I wonder how anyone could still possibly believe that it’s true.  Some of the more common ones promise that Facebook will give away millions of dollars, or free computers, cars, RVs, etc, simply by liking or sharing the post, but the ones that really make me want to pull my hair out are those that ask you to agree with such obvious statements like, “Like this post if you believe that the national anthem should be played before sporting events.”  When did it stop being played? Even those don’t bug me as much as those that promise a horrible death, boils or baldness if I don’t type amen or share the post.  I already have enough guilt as a Hispanic Catholic, I don’t need anymore, believe me!  So how should I deal with this pet peeve?  Is it just me?

Don’t want to Like or Share

Dear Share,

The simplest solution to your issues with Facebook is to simply delete your account, especially if it causes you so much distress and frustration as you describe.  Other options might be to hide posts from people that continue to post annoying material, but that may leave only 5 people that you agree with.  What you should NOT do is try to debunk all the insane postings by using logic or by citing scientific or reliable evidence.  You will never convince people that already have made up their mind just as they will never convince you that Facebook is giving away stock in their company. Please like or share if you agree!


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