Greyhound looking for new home

By Gilda Morales

According to local sources at Pilot/Wendy’s, Greyhound buses will no longer be stopping there, nor will passengers be able to purchase tickets there.  Apparently the decision came from Greyhound Corporate, but management at Pilot is not exactly mourning their decision.  According to a spokesperson there, Greyhound passengers accounted for a large amount of product loss as well as issues with keeping the facility clean.  Greyhound passengers commonly loitered around the travel center and frequently panhandled other Pilot and Wendys’ customers.  Sheriff Oscar Carrillo also reported that the bus stops also created increased law enforcement and EMS calls, increasing local costs for the agencies.

Bill Story, manager of McDonald’s reiterated that there is no contract with Greyhound to facilitate their passengers using his facility as he did over 10 years ago.    He stated that at that time, the fast food restaurant had issues with bus passengers frequently smoking pot in the bathrooms, which was not in keeping with his family oriented business.  Mr. Story also remarked that McDonald’s does not have the staff or facilities to accommodate large groups like those traveling on Greyhound.   He also informed the Advocate that currently, buses are parking next door at the Super 8 Motel and passengers are walking over to McDonald’s or Chevron.  A small Greyhound building, which was previously used years ago when McDonald’s was the official stop, is still next to the restaurant but is now the property of Mr. Story.


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