Faith – Misery Loves Company

By Pastor Rodney Tilley

    A few days ago it seemed very depressing. It just seemed that a veil of despair was hanging over Van Horn. Maybe an extra demon or two decided to take a few extra days here just so that they could harass us. But believe me I am not looking for demons, for I am fighting enough of a battle just with the ones that I know by name. But it did seem that Van Horn was mired in a “spirit” of contention and negativity.

    One person I met said, “I go on the computer every night to the “Hurricane Watch,” to see if there is one on the way and if we are going to get floods as well.  Another told me, “I am watching the stock market to see just how low it can go, while another bearer of good news made the statement, “I check the gas prices every day across America to see just where the highest price per gallon is.” It appeared we are obsessed with finding “How many were killed in Chicago” and “How high is the flood going to go?” and “How much money will it take to buy groceries this week.” If it is bad, we want to know, and if it is worst, we revel in the knowledge. It has become a virtue, a popularity contest in finding the evil that is ever present.

    In the Bible, there is a story in the Old Testament about 12 men that Moses sent across the river to check out their new homeland. 10 men reported on the hurricanes upon them, the high cost of food, and the tornado that just tore through town. But there were two who saw high gas prices, but two cars in every garage. They saw the costly food, but also the free coupons at McDonalds. They understood that the floodwaters were rising, but the man selling sandbags had just became a millionaire. They saw God’s hand in the situation and came back to Moses with a good report.

    These two men understood the power of God for change. Storms rage, but peace still reins. Food is costly, but Jesus still satisfies, and remember it was Jesus who fed 5000 people with just 2 loaves of bread and a few fish.

    So watch your “Hurricane Watch” on your wide screen television, and complain about the gas as you pay the new car note, and remember to worry about the high cost of food as you eat your ice cream and Oreo’s before going to bed. And the flood, check it out in your new bass boat.

     If you want to find negativity and despair you can, and if you do not find them, they will find you, but if you want to find peace, joy, and life, then turn to Jesus and let him fill you with His Holy Spirit, His very presence, and rejoice. The Bible tells us that in Jesus there is fullness, completeness, the way it is supposed to be. Come check it out yourself and then come and join the two men and leave the ten others to enjoy their misery. It is your choice! Misery loves company.

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