FAITH – Christians

By Pastor Rodney Tilley

If you watched the “Presidential Debates” this week you heard all the labels flying back and forth, like children having a mud fight. One addressed the other as Secretary Clinton, while Hillary labeled, Mr. Trump, as Donald, trying to give the impression that he was little boy. They called each other names. You’re a racist, a homophobe, a spoiled rich kid, poor white trash, and all the other labels one can make up. If you love women you either a feminist or a womanizer. If you try to act like a man then you are macho and a bully. It you are patriotic then you are a nationalist, and if you’re not then you are Anti-American. It seems that you cannot win. No matter what you say, a label is assigned along with all the other connotations that follow

     But you know there are labels in the Bible as well. You can be an infidel, or a believer, a Jew or Gentile, and even a heathen. But there are labels also that one can be attached with as well that are good, right, and just. In the Bible you can be labeled a “Good Samaritan” and a disciple, or an apostle and follower. But the label that I like and I want to be labeled as is, “Christian.”

     The Bible tells us in Acts 11:26 that, “The disciples were first called Christian in Antioch,” and we must act why? Why the name and a why Antioch? “Christian” is most likely an Armenian word taken with the suffix “ian” which means the “son or daughter” of someone, and as you see, those in Antioch began to see the disciples acting like Christ and therefore they assumed they were the offspring of Christ. And we are, for we are being “born again” with a new name and a new family. We are Christian for we are Christ-like, acting, living, talking, and doing the same things that Christ did and does.

      I, like you, have probably been called many things, some things that were true and some not, but if you want to be kind, please look at me and me at you and if you can, call us Christian. But if not, please let us know what we am doing wrong. I only ask that if it is bad, please do not confess it before 90 million people, but come and tell us and we will do our best to change and wear the name of “Christian” proudly. I do not want to be political or politically correct, but I do want to be Biblical correct, and I am sure you want to be as well. So join me in being “Christian” and join our brother and sisters all over the world that proclaim Christ as our savior and God as our father.

For more information on being like “Christ” please call: Pastor Rodney Tilley at Van Horn Community Church- 432-207-0015.


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