Volleyball action

From Coach Erica Urias post

The Lady Eagles took on the Lady Wildcats Tuesday in their second district game of the season.  The JV team struggled a bit as passing the ball hindered their play but was made up by great communication on the floor.  Coach Urias expressed that the Lady Eagles JV squad needed to work more on overall consistency but as far as fundamentals go, the JV girls really have come a long way.  On the Varsity side, the Lady Wildcats were no match for the Lady Eagles.  The Eales bench saw some playing time in regards to strengthening their depth in play.  Coach Urias indicated that the girls kept their play on the court neat and consistent which is what they’ve been working on. Urias said, “our serves were much more consistent. Seniors, Marlen Ceniceros and Amanda Ramirez came through today with a combined total of 30 serves and 4 aces. Senior, Lezlie Jones proved once again how consistent she can be behind the base line with a solo total of 27 serves and 7 aces.  Jones has still only missed one serve this season.  In order to win championships, consistency is key and these ladies proved that today”.  Urias concluded saying, “regardless of who we play, we must continue to play our game”.  The Lady Eagles take the district win in 3 matches.  25-2, 25-9, 25-8.  The Lady Eagle travel to Sierra Blanca on Saturday as they continue their season.  Game time is scheduled for 11:30am.  Van Horn goes in with an 8-11 record and Sierra Blanca with a 7-10 record respectively.


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