Open House at CCAISD

From CCAISD Facebook page

We at Van Horn School want to extend an open and warm invitation for you to attend our annual Open House from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm on Monday October 10th.  We have a very informative and entertaining night planned for you and your child.  Please make every effort to attend this event in order to learn about how we as a school community are diligently working to serve and meet the educational needs of your child as well as of the Van Horn community.

  Open House this year will look different then it has in the past.  The goal is to show parents some of the strategies, resources, and hurdles that your student faces daily.  This night will also provide an opportunity for you to meet and speak with the educators who are working diligently day in and day out to help your child learn all that she/he can.  There will be a meal/food provided for you and the information presented will equip you to know how to best help your child in acquiring educational success and how to foster and support the learning taking place at school and extend it to the home.  There is almost no greater instructional support more impactful to a child’s learning than parental support, and we thank you for that.  The itinerary for the night is as follows and will consist of 2 rotations.  These rotations are to allow parents of multiple children in various grades to be able to speak to, and with, each of their children’s teachers.

5:30 pm-6:10 pm: Meal/Superintendent Presentation

6:15 pm-6:50 pm: Rotation 1

6:55 pm-7:30 pm: Rotation 2


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