Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Every week, I check to see  the “Student of the Week” is  given.  Reason: In my life time, I’ve read the El Paso Times Herald, The Fort Worth Star Telegram, the Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle.  All on a weekly basis; yet, none of them had the Advocate’s “Student of the Week.”  What is even more surprising to me is that the weekly publishing of that student is not by the paper itself, but by a business in the private sector.

Your paper, to me, is so different, and therefore, so enjoyable to read.  If any of the above papers, which I also read on a regular basis, had anything about a student, it would be  at least a hundred words.  Yet the Advocate’s publication of such is through a private business.  AMAZING!

I love the Advocate, about as much as the Texas Monthly magazine.  When either publication comes, I drop everything and read.  You and the Advocate just amaze me.  Since it is so much trouble for me to leave my beautiful little abode, I seldom get out anymore; therefore, The Advocate has such a wonderful meaning.

My special regards to you,

Hardie Matthews, Pasadena, Texas


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