Culberson County 4-H thanks County for funding

4-H members Keane Robb, Tanya and Delilah Tarango, Joseph Feigenblatt, Kristian Robb, Fermin Baeza, Kloe Robb, and Beatriz Marta at Commissioner’s Court

Photo by Becky Brewster

By Becky Brewster

A team of eight Culberson County 4-H members led by spokesperson Beatriz Marta thanked the County for their financial assistance towards upgrades at the show barn.  Marta explained how the funds would be used and the benefits to the 4-H program.  Several 4-H parents were on hand for the presentation.

Ramon Carrasco, the engineer for the County’s TxCDBG grant programs, briefed the Court on the process for the improvements at the Veteran’s Memorial Park.  The initial site plan and designs for the restroom/concession stand improvements will be presented to the Court in November to receive input from the County prior to completion of the final design.  Carrasco expects the bid process to occur in early 2017 with construction to be completed within 90 days from project award.   In the meantime, the County will be preparing an application for improvements to the Culberson County Food Pantry for the 2017-2018 grant application cycle.

The Commissioners then approved a request by Melinda Baeza from the Boys and Girls Club to authorize the hiring of a “substitute” to work during the absence of one of the regular staff members.  Baeza noted that she is trying to coordinate with the CCAISD for afterschool transportation to the facility.  There are many children that cannot attend the afterschool activities due to transportation difficulties.  If the transportation issues are addressed, Baeza expects attendance at the club to double.  The Court also agreed to allow Baeza to schedule adult recreation activities in the evening when the afterschool program is over. Tentative hours are 4-7 p.m. for children and 7-8 p.m. for adults.   A women’s exercise program is currently being conducted two days per week.

Susie Hinojos, County Treasurer, requested clarification on the payment of accumulated comp-time and the recently adopted vacation policy.  Hinojos was asked to provide the cost to reduce comp-time by 50% for all those employees who have over 200 hours of accumulated comp-time at the next meeting.  The Court clarified that the new vacation policy went into effect October 1, 2016.  As employees reach their anniversary date from October 1 forward, they will have earned their vacation based on the new policy.  Someone with a September anniversary date will have to wait until September 2017 to earn vacation based on the new policy.  The new vacation policy also provides for up to 40 hours carryover.

In other County business, the Court also

• Conducted an Executive Session with no action following in open session.

• Approved an Order setting the salaries for the County Auditor and Assistant Auditor.

• Approved an Agreement for each polling place for the November general election.

• Approved the 2016 Tax Roll with a levy of $3,236,313.06.

• Approved training hours for County Tax Assessor-Collector.

• Approved a Utility Permit Request for crossing FM 2185.

• Approved acquisition of a used backhoe for the County Barn.

• Approved lease agreement with Dr. Garner for airport hangar at $100/month.

• Heard reports on County Projects.

• Approved monthly reports.

• Approved September payroll and expenses.


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