Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,                                                                           

I’m deeply troubled by the political ad by Mr. Steve Jackson where he has resorted to convoluted arguments in trying to motivate Van Horn voters to support Donald Trump for President. It’s surprising that someone who is a lawyer by training and schooled in aspects of the law will resort to many factually incorrect information to make his point in the name of freedom and liberty. Let’s establish the fact that while we all are entitled to our opinion, we can’t simply manufacture “convenient facts.”

  Let’s begin by saying that Donald Trump’s ludicrous assertion that we have open borders and that illegal drugs and people are pouring in are patently false. Over the last decade, illegal immigration has decreased tremendously. This is the direct result of increased border enforcement, and also the state of the US economy. Latino groups lament that President Obama’s administration has deported over 2 million illegal immigrants, far more than President Bush’s.

  Regarding Muslim immigration, here are the facts: given the Civil war in Syria, the US along with its European allies have agreed under a UN arrangement to accept around 10000 refugees (mostly women and children). While many people cry foul when they hear the word “Muslim,” we have to remember that what makes America great — not again, it already IS — is its compassion and its sense of fairness. These annual numbers will only be met if these refugees are strongly vetted to eliminate bad apples. Let’s support victims who are already fleeing troubled lands.

  The Republican party is bogged down in how it wants to handle the 11 million or so illegal immigrants. Mr. Jackson tries to highlight “model” immigrants by speaking of  Hispanic candidates for President — Senators Cruz and Rubio. He speaks about their conservative values, love for the Constitution, hatred for Obamacare, and dislike for the Democratic party. Here is the reality: most Latinos share American values of the community, love the same Constitution, are Democrats, and do not despise the ACA. Senator Rubio attempted to fix the illegal immigration issue and incurred the wrath of the fervent right who are strongly anti-immigrant. And Senator Cruz got upended by Trump’s stand on immigration.

  And now to the point of Obamacare. Far from being a perfect solution, the primary reason this was instituted was to provide coverage to many (over 30 million) who had no insurance and relied on public hospitals for their catastrophic health care. While premiums are going up and subsidies need to be provided, it at least shifts the responsibility of coverage to the uninsured while protecting pre existing conditions. Claims that Obamacare provides coverage for abortion are patently false. Roe vs Wade is the law of the land and the federal government has never been party to providing abortion services.

  The current political climate has unleashed an assault on multiculturalism and diversity. Speaking out on these issues is seen as a sign of political correctness. The issue for Van Horn, Texans and American voters is whether we want a welcoming nation for everyone — immigrants and native born — or do we want to regress to a time where things were supposedly great. I think not!

  -Amit Ghosh, El Paso


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