Where are they Now? – Jason Owen

Shortly after high school, I got a job teaching actors how to ride horses for a small film.  Soon he was racing after a career in the motion picture business. “I was just blessed, right place right time.” It was a good time to be a cowboy in the film biz. Broke Back Mountain had just been released and was doing quite well, and  writers were writing scripts as fast as they could get out involving westerns and period movies.  And its been pretty good ever since referencing the newly released feature film “The Magnificent Seven.” I have been very blessed to have gotten to work around some of the best stunt men  and women, and some amazing actors and actresses.  I am a member of the Screen Actors Guild but my horses seem to get more screen time than I do.  It’s a dream come true kind of gig, you get to be a cowboy and a movie star at the same time.  Some of the bigger shows I have worked on have been, The Magnificent Seven, 12 Years A Slave, True Grit,  No Country For Old Men and the list goes on.

I spend a ton of time on the road and its hard on my family life but we work through it.  I still call Van Horn home.  It would make more sense for us to live in L.A. or Austin, but there’s just something about this little town, that’s nalways nice to come home to .

Currently my wife and I (who also works in the movie industry as a director and cinematographer) are in the development stages of producing their own movie to be shot in Van Horn.


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