Couple bikes around the world

By Edna Clark

Katie Halliday and Ewan Paterson stopped in Van Horn on Sunday night on their trek around the world.  The couple embarked on the monumental journey in September from London, England and will bicycle across four continents covering 18,000 miles in one year.

       When asked why they wanted to undertake such an arduous endeavor, the couple said that it was just something that they wanted to do before settling down somewhere in Great Britain to begin a family and continue their lives together.

       Katie and Ewan flew into Orlando, Florida and rode along the Gulf Coast until arriving in Texas.  They will cycle on service roads where available along Interstate 10 West to San Diego, California.  From there, they will travel to Fiji and the Asian mainland.  For safety purposes, they will fly over Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Once they land in Istanbul, Turkey, they will finish their journey into Africa and home to Great Britain.

Anyone who wants to follow their journey is invited to check out their website at


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