Federal case against man with ties to Circle Ranch will proceed tomorrow

Contributed by Valentine Radio News reporting

U.S. District Court Judge Leonia Brinkema moved to deny last week a motion to dismiss the federal case against David Landersman. Conspiracy charges against the former Navy civilian intelligence officer with ties to the 32,000 acre Circle Ranch adjacent to the Blue Origin launch pad north of Van Horn will proceed tomorrow.

Landersman is facing charges for allegedly condoning a plan to supply US Navy commandos with untraceable military equipment.  Sterling Gil, a subordinate of Landersman and daughter-in-law to Chris Gil who owns the Circle Ranch, has been suspended by the Navy until termination of the trial.

According to the Washington Post,  Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West deputized several of Landersman’s subordinates who traveled from the Pentagon to the Circle Ranch, at least four times over a two-year period.

Federal prosecutors have suggested that Navy officials from the

intelligence unit sought to funnel the military equipment and set up a

secret training base at the Ranch.


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