Ask Tia Juana

Dear Tia,

I have a group of friends that frequently hang out together and we all get along really well.  However, there is one friend that does not follow our conversation for whatever reason, and then suddenly realizes she may be missing something and then interrupts rudely by asking, “who?” or “what?” over and over again.  Of course, we have to explain the whole conversation to her.  It is becoming very annoying and our group is considering not asking her to our functions any more.  I hate to do that because we’ve been friends for more than 20 years, but her behavior is really getting on our nerves!  What do you suggest we do to break her of this habit?

Who, what, when, where

Dear Who,

It is possible that your friend has a hearing problem and is only able to pick up parts of the conversation…or she finds much of your conversation boring unless it contains certain topics.  The only way you can break her of this habit is to not start your conversations from the start, that way she has to pay attention from the beginning of every conversation.


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