Local equine rescue needs your help

David Richardson with a rescue.

By Lisa Morton

Richardson Equine Rescue in Van Horn is in much need of help with donations to help keep their herd of rescued animals fed.  Lynne and Dave Richardson began taking in rescues a couple of years after they moved to their ranch in Culberson County.  After becoming a 501C Non-profit, the Richardson’s saw a steady increase in the number of animals coming to the ranch.

When the “ranch thing” didn’t work for them, they began to take in horses, and their ranch became a place to “love and protect while giving them the best care possible” organization.  Incorporating into a non-profit did not produce the financial support they had hoped for and problems with costs and availability of feed, veterinary costs, and farrier services became a regular challenge.  Currently, the prohibitive cost of hay does not allow them to accept more rescues.

The Equine horses are part of the 33,000 horses in America that are cared for in rescues.  Each year approximately 150,000 horses, donkey and mules are sent to slaughter in Mexico and Canada.  Unfortunately, many are hauled in cramped trailers, without food or water to slaughterhouses, where they are ultimately marched to their death.  The Richardson’s rescue makes a difference in the lives of the horses that live there.  They are well fed, socialized, receive medical and farrier care and more importantly, they are loved.

The Rescue advocates for the adoption of horses, donkeys and mules as pets and as working ranch animals.  They also support finding homes or rescues that will take unwanted animals and not send them to the auction where they are bid on, only to be sold to the slaughter plants.   The Rescue also supports gelding programs, which help reduce the number of unwanted horses, donkeys and mules.

The Richardsons have tried other avenues for fundraising including applying for grants and selling horse crafts.  They are always on the look-out for reduced price horse feed.  With no employees, they are proud to say that 100% of donations received is spent on the care of horses.

Currently the following fundraiser has been posted on their Facebook page, Richardson Equine Rescue, Inc., post:  “Raising Money to Save More Horses.”

We get the old, sick, depressed and hurt horses and donkeys.  People have given up on them and too often their owners are looking to put them somewhere to die.  They are a child’s horse, a race horse, a cowboy horse, a riding horse or simply an unwanted horse.  The symptoms are the same, they are thin and lost, sometimes sick and also injured.  Their owners don’t want to pay the fix up the horse.  They just want it gone.

It takes money to accept horse and rehabilitate them.  Our first step is to quarantine the horse and have the vet do a thorough exam and if necessary get the horse on medications for any infections, special foods to get their digestive track working right and a Ferrier to look at or work on their feet.

Each horse or donkey will cost us close to $2000, before it is ready to be adopted or added to our sanctuary horses.

We are extremely hopeful our rescue will be part of someone’s Christmas List.  All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  We appreciate your help.

Mr. Richardson will also be selling stuffed animals on Saturday’s Show N’ Sell Town of Van Horn Christmas event. All sale proceeds are given to the rescue.

For more information or to donate please visit richardsonequinerescue.com or the Facebook page.


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