Culberson Hospital Holiday Party a big hit

Culberson Hospital and Van Horn Rural Health Clinic staff joins together for a group photo at the recent holiday party.  First row from the left:  Ida Solis, Goldie Voelkel, Harvey Corrales, Jonathon Voelkel & Mehdy Osorio.  Second row from the left:  Gilda Morales, Nora Friel, Dora Valenzuela, Alicia Quintana, “Concha” Urias.  Third Row from the left:  Kathleen Christian, Dora Corrales, “Rosa” Corales,” Beth” Gary, Rodett Osorio and back row from the left:  Chester Morris, Jennifer Guevara, “Lupe” Balcazar, “Romy” Ramirez and “Ernie” Tarango

Van Horn, Texas (December 7, 2016) – Staff of Culberson Hospital and Van Horn Rural Health Clinic joined together Friday, December 2, to celebrate the holidays and recognize the anniversaries of several long term employees.

The night’s honorees included Guadalupe “Lupe” Balcazar, who has worked at the hospital for 40 years, and Dora Valenzuela, a 25-year employee.  Both were given pins and trophy’s to acknowledge their time on staff, as well as gift cards.

Patricia Munoz and Jayson Connally were awarded their 10-year pins and also received gift cards.  Five-year pins were earned by Noreen Friel, Amanda Gary, Amparo Ceniceros and Holly Corrales.

“This is the second Christmas party I’ve had the opportunity to attended at Culberson Hospital,” said Jonathon Voelkel, hospital administrator.  “Our staff do a great job of party planning and I know everyone had a good time.”

“However, the part I enjoy the most is the opportunity to thank our long term employees for their commitment to our hospital, clinic and community,” he continued.

The evening’s fun was shared with over 50 employees and significant others who attended the four-hour event at the Van Horn Community Center.  The main course of fajitas was provided by the hospital, with sides prepared by various staff members.

A special batch of carne asada was cooked by Harvey Corralez who slaved over an open flame to serve this special treat to co-workers.

The night’s entertainment was provided by El Pecadores who played a variety of popular hits throughout the evening.


From the left:  Lupe Balcazar and Dora Valenzuela were recognized for their 40 and 25 years of service, respectively.


From the right:  Jayson Connally received his 10-year pin and gift card from Mehdy Osorio, RN, and Jonathon Voelkel.


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