Record numbers enter Trans Pecos Big Buck Tournament

By Edna Clark

Town of Van Horn City Council met on Tuesday morning, December 13, with all members present.  City Secretary, Fran Malafronte, updated Council on the Trans Pecos Big Buck Tournament entries.  This Mule Deer season saw 122 registered entries in the competition and $8565 in entry fees.

Supervisor Dion Corralez advised Council that a consultant had visited the water wells that have fallen victim to lightning strikes.  A recommendation for more grounding through installation of several lightning rods around the wells should alleviate further damage.

Mr. Corralez asked that dog and cat owners please keep their pets in their own yards and not allowed to roam through neighborhoods.  He recommended that pets be spayed and neutered whenever possible to decrease the number of unattended animals on city streets.

Numerous water leaks have been repaired on FM 2185.  Repairing each leak costs an average of $2500 in employee time and parts replacement.  City employees worked in subfreezing weather to repair some leaks, some of which required the employee to be submerged in icy water to make the repairs.

Resolution NO. 16-12-2008, concerning a solar energy rate agreement with El Paso Electric Company was discussed.  No action will be taken until an EP Electric representative comes before Council to explain the system, which at first glance gives the City authority to accept electricity rates for Van Horn citizens.

Upon Mr. Corralez’s recommendations, Council approved a bid for $8500 submitted by BCG Aerial, LLC for taking aerial photos of the current landfill.  These photos are a requirement before an MSW Permit will be issued to possibly reopen the current landfill as is or with necessary improvements.

Ms. Malafronte advised Council that there will be a Public Hearing on December 20, 2016 at 7:00PM with Jerry Carvajal of GrantWriters out of Alpine.  This Public Hearing is to inform the public of possible grant money that is available through the CDBG Block Grant. All citizens are encouraged to attend the meeting and make their voices heard on improvements that can be made to City services with the grant money.

Alderman Lyndon McDonald advised Council that some new fire equipment has arrived and been installed to the current fire truck.  The new fire truck is scheduled to arrive by March 31, 2017. The fire truck and equipment come as a result of last year’s CDBG Block Grant funding.

City Council offered condolences to the family of former Mayor Bunkie Rutledge who recently passed away.  Flowers from the Town of Van Horn will be sent for his memorial service.


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