2016 weather wise

By Larry Simpson,

Retired Advocate Editor

It was not the hottest year on record and it was not the coldest year on record. And it was not the driest year on record nor was it the wettest year on record. Yet it was a year, weather wise to take a look at.

When we speak of the coldest day(s), they occurred on February 4th and 5ht when the temperature dipped to a chilly 14 degrees. For the 2016 year, Van Horn recorded 50 days of freezing temperatures with the most days in January, with 21 days. That was followed by December, which recorded 14 days through December 28th.

When we look at the hot days in Van Horn, we recorded our first 100 degree plus day on June 18th. In all, Van Horn recorded 16 days where the temperatures hit or exceeded the century mark. June had 4 days and July topped out with 12 days. July was also the warmest month of the year.

Van Horn’s wettest month of 2016 was August which recorded some 4.53” of precipitation. For the year, through December 28th, Van Horn has recorded some 11.84” of precipitation. As for the dry periods of the year, you would have to look no farther than January, February, March and April. The driest four months of the year yielded only .12” of rainfall.

I guess you would have to say that 2016 was a little above normal on the rainfall gauge and about normal for the cold and heat. Not a bad year weather wise.


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