Tickets for 5th Annual Valentine’s in Valentine go on sale Sunday

Expansion project at the old Mercantile in Valentine will include restrooms and a full kitchen.

Photo by Lisa Morton

By Lisa Morton

The Valentine mercantile, home to the annual Valentine’s in Valentine party, was established in 1907.  It is currently is undergoing an addition that will include restrooms and a kitchen.  Owner Matt Kruger said there have been requests to rent the venue and portable outhouses just aren’t for everyone.

John Means, George Evans, W.T Jones, C.O. Finley, and C.E Conring established the Valentine Mercantile Co as a joint operation. Valentine was destined to become the railroad town in the area, as it was the division and freight terminal between Sanderson and El Paso. These businessmen saw an economic opportunity in providing supplies for the railroad men during crew changes. In 1915 C.E Conring and Sam E. Bunton bought out the other partners and changed the name to the Valentine Trading Co.

The event Kruger holds is always held on Valentine’s Day, February 14 and the lineup for the 2017, 5th Annual Valentine’s Day in Valentine, Texas is Little Joe y La Familia, Hard Proof, David W Beebe and Remijio “Primo” Carrasco. Tickets go on sale Sunday, January 1and can be purchased online at


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