Givers and Takers

by Pastor Rodney Tilley

     When I was a few years younger I remember someone saying to me that there were only two types of people in this world, “Givers and Takers,” and that as a Christian we should always be in the giving side of all that we do. The Bible states that it is “More Blessed to Give than to receive,” (Acts 20:35), and to “give and it will be given to you,” (Luke 6:38), and let us not forget the most quoted scripture of all – John 3:16 where it reads that, “God so loved the word that he gave his only begotten son…” You see there are scriptures without number that tells us to give and to give again, not just money but ourselves, our lives, our thoughts, our purpose, our feelings, and even our sicknesses. But today I do not want to address us as individuals; I want to address us as a community. I would like for you to search your heart and ask yourself, “Are we a “giver” community or a “taker” community?”

     Just this last week I received a call from an RVer who had stopped for just a short time in Van Horn and went in for lunch, only to return to receive a citation for parking an RV in a non-designated spot. That definitely is what a “taker” community would do instead of one that is a “giver” community.  Since moving here over four years ago, I have heard all about the Van Horn of the past. I heard how we used to have a theater that “gave” people entertainment.  I heard about the shelter who “gave” people a free night’s stay, and I heard about the car museum that “gave” you a meal and an amusement as well. But I must ask, “What happened?”  The theater is closed, the shelter is never opened, and no one built back the car museum that burnt.  Have we become a “taker,” for if so, God cannot bless our community.  For example, Blue Origin is on our back door, but when was the last time that we “gave” them a free barbeque to recognize them for a job well done. We take their financial contributions to our community but we do not give anything in return.

     You see, the concept is very simple, “If you give-it will be given back to you,” so if you want to be rich: give!  If you want to enjoy life: give!  If you want to have friends:  give!  If you want to please God:  give! If we want people to stop and enjoy Van Horn: give! Some will say that this is political, but it is not. It is spiritual and when God’s spirit rules in your heart and life, you will be a giver and when the givers join together we will be a giving community. So give and give again, seeking nothing in return for that would make you into a “matcher,” giving only when given too and in like kind. So, please be a giver and let us change the world, starting in your life, starting in Van Horn.

     Thank you God that you gave so we can give also- Amen.


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