Schools from Wink, McCamey, Fort Hancock, Da Vinci to Dell City flood Eagle Elementary last Friday to compete in UIL events.

Photo by Edna Clark

By Marcia Crowley, CCAISD

On Friday, January 13, schools from all over gathered in Eagle Elementary to compete in UIL competitive events. Alexis Buford scored 3rd place in the 7th grade art event with ten points and Sarah Pacheco scored 4th place with 8 points. Van Horn lost the event to Sidney Lara of Wink Junior High with a score of 15. Israel Tarango came in first place in the Calculator Appl 7th grade event and scored the highest possible. Amaya Garibay came in first in the Calculator Appl 8th grade. Austin De La O and Emilio Tarango tied for second place in the 8th Grade Chess Puzzle event with 11 points each, losing barely to Hector Rios of Da Vinci. For 7th grade Editorial Writing, Samantha Sota placed 3rd and Ashley Robinson placed in 4th. They lost the event to McAmey Middle School represented by Dezaray Hernandez. Amaya Garibay, who took 5th place, represented the 8th Grade Editorial Writing event for Van Horn, but Gabriel Muniz from Wink placed in 1st. 8th Grade Impromptu speaking was awarded to Brock Gibson, who had a score of 15.

4th grade artists from Van Horn included, Kasey Pacheco, Estrealla Urias, and Perla Escarcego; who placed 4th-6th in the order they are named. Brittany Haley of Wink Elementary took the Event. Gilbert Velez from Van Horn placed 1st in the 6th Grade Appl Calculator event. Jajahira Rodriguez took the 5th Grade Chess Puzzle event and was followed in 2nd and 3rd place by Ryan De La O and Cy Garcia. Sophia Corralez won the 2nd Grade Creative Writing and was trailed shortly by Cadence Rodriguez, who came in 2nd. Ivette Bermudez came in 2nd place in the 6th grade Dictionary Skills event. She lost to Adriana Ortega from Benito Martinez Elementary. Keegan Ratliff of Wink won 3rd grade Music Memory event and Sebastian Carrillo came in 5th place. 5th grade Number Sense was won by Emily Rodriguez of Wink with Keira Kennedy of Van Horn hot on her heels in 2nd place. Karyme Rocha represented Van Horn in the 5th grade Oral Reading event and placed in 2nd. Emily Rodriguez of Wink placed in 1st. Aezlynn Carrillo placed in 2nd place in the 4th grade Spelling event and was beaten only by Brinkley Smith of Wink. 2nd grade storytelling was won by Adryana Torres of Mcamey Primary and from Van Horn, Santiago Cabezuela came in 2nd place with Cadence Rodriguez in 3rd and Violet Garcia placing in 5th. Jacob-Skky Carrillo came in 5th place while competing in the 3rd grade Storytelling event. He was beating by Jackson Walker of Wink.


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