Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The appointment of Ms. DeVos as the Secretary of Education is very disappointing and discouraging.  Public schools, at least here in Texas, are under increasing assault by those interested in “school vouchers,” “school choice,” or any other name used to describe the subsidizing education anywhere except public education.  It is interesting that school aides, teachers, administrators, and even board members are required to have certain qualifications, training, or experience, in education.  Apparently, federal level officials are not held to those same requirements.  School vouchers, or choice, will, in my opinion, lead us backwards to segregation, primarily because private schools do not provide the transportation that public schools do….who will pay for the economically disadvantaged students (whom this entire effort is supposed to be supporting) to travel to private, or charter, schools?  The answer is obviously not the private school…in that case which students will even be able to get the private schools, and, hence, benefit from them?  No one seems to be thinking through all the “details” when advocating for school vouchers.  It seems there is a deliberate effort to demonize and discredit public schools to such an extent as to make them obsolete, when the very opposite efforts are needed.  The last time I checked, free public education was a constitutional right for citizens RESPONSIBILITY for the government.

Graydon Hicks III


Fort Davis ISD

Dear Editor,

The Culberson County Hospital should name their new Stratus Mobile Interpreter

C-3PO after Star Wars’ protocol droid.  C-3PO assisted in etiquette, customs, and translation, boasting that he was “fluent in over six million forms of communication”.

-Patricia Golden


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