Help Guadalupe Mountains National Park Name New Wilderness Mascot

Salt Flat, Texas – To quote William Shakespeare, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Well, the value of a name has long been immortalized in poetry and song throughout history. Names represent an identification of people, places and objects. They help us recognize our values and what we represent.  That’s why we need your help!

Guadalupe Mountains National Park has a new mascot. A ringtail! This is a species that lives in the southwest and is a resident of the Guadalupe Mountains wilderness. This mascot was developed to help bring awareness to the importance of protecting wilderness at Guadalupe Mountains National Park and all over the world. Will you help us give the mascot a name?

Did you know that since the 1990’s wilderness areas have been declining globally at an alarming rate? Wilderness is defined as “biologically and ecologically intact landscapes free of any significant human disturbance.”  Only 23% of the world’s land surface contains the most pristine wilderness areas now. Wilderness cannot be replaced. Once compromised, sensitive wilderness ecosystems can never be returned to their natural state.  Why do we need wilderness and wild places? Well, these areas protect clean water resources, clean air and protect habitat for wildlife. They maintain a critical buffer to protect endangered biodiversity, help regulate area climates and support many of the world’s most economically challenged communities. Wildlife, plants and people need these areas to thrive and survive.

How can you help us? Visit the Guadalupe Mountains National Park Facebook page at  to suggest a name for our mascot. Voting will be available from February 18 – 23, 2017.  If you do not have access to social media, email [email protected]  with your suggestions. The park will choose the mascot name from public recommendations and reveal the name on park Facebook and website at on February 25, 2017.   With your help, once given a name, this mascot will help spread the message about the importance of wilderness to all generations.


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