Public Hearing for Lobo Aquifer Water Usage Set for March 8

The Culberson County Groundwater Conservation District (CCGCD) met on Wednesday, February 15 with 4 of 5 members present.  Also attending was groundwater conservation expert, Dr. Al Blair.

General Manager Summer Webb presented the 2016 Year End Water Usage Report. Member Cuco Corralez inquired about apparent discrepancies in meter readings.  Mrs. Webb advised members that some of the Michigan Flats water readings were erroneous due to water consumers moved meters between wells.  Those water consumers had been made aware that this practice was not allowed.

Mrs. Webb told members that letters had been sent to water permit holders advising them that if meters are broken, they must contact her otherwise, water will be billed according to the meters’ capability.

Dr. Blair related that his research into the recharging of the Lobo Aquifer has shown that underground and aboveground streams from the Davis Mountains into the Aquifer have virtually disappeared into the alluvial plains north of Valentine.  This means that the water that refilled the Aquifer in years past is no longer available, and alternate means of water conservancy must be put into place.

For this reason, CCGCD will host a Public Hearing on March 8, prior to the 2:00 p.m. regularly scheduled meeting.  At that time, CCGCD will make the public aware of plans for Lobo Aquifer water conservancy.

Mrs. Webb related that some points in the Lobo Aquifer currently have readings that show about ½ foot increase in the water level due to decreased irrigation during the off season while others show no change.  She also asked that anyone seeing possible water line breaks or leaks contact her right away for repairs.

Fiscal year 2016 audit from Painter & Associates was received and approved in an Audit Confirmation of Understanding.

After an Executive Session, CCGCD approved Mrs. Webb’s request to use office facilities for her new income tax business.  Mrs. Webb was advised that she may use facilities for two hours per day during the work week and on weekends.  Those hours must not interfere with her CCGCD work.

Water stakeholders are encouraged to contact Mrs. Webb about any concerns that they may have concerning meters and readings. Mrs. Webb was asked to seek out grants for possible water meter replacements.


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