Tele-neurology services online in Emergency Room

By Becky Brewster

The Culberson County Hospital District met in Regular Session on April 5, 2017. Jonathon Voelkel, Hospital Administrator for Preferred Management Corporation, reported on the status of the Level IV Trauma waiver from the State to allow mid-level practitioners to cover the Emergency Room with specialized training and the assistance of a telemedicine program to provide services from  specialty physicians. On March 21, the Hospital had its first “Code Brain” indicating a possible stroke and the tele-neurology component worked flawlessly.   Other specialty physicians will be added as contract details are finalized.

Judy Blazek, Project Manager, briefed the Board on the status of the clinic construction project and presented   various change orders related to the project.  The Board learned that the previously approved change order to level the floors in the building did not quite finish the project and authorized an additional $5,390 to finish leveling the waiting room floor in order to expedite the project. The Board also approved the final design and related change order for the improvements to the façade which was an added alternate to the base bid intended to blend the front of the clinic and the hospital together.

The Directors then denied a Change Order request for $6,188.11 to build a temporary ramp to be used during the façade improvements. The contractor, Ameriway Construction, built the ramp without prior approval from the District. Blazek noted that she would not have approved the change order, had it been properly submitted, since it was too costly for a temporary structure. The District’s attorney, Steve Mitchell reviewed the issues of contract law, noting that the original Contract for the construction project provides for No Change Orders unless prior written approval is given by the District or its authorized representative.  And it was pointed out that the Board had formally addressed this issue at the December 14, 2016 meeting whereby they directed that Ameriway must receive an approved Change Order signed by Judy Blazek prior to any construction being done for all future Change Orders, or the Change Order will not be ratified.  The Board then agreed to reimburse Ameriway for the materials used in the construction of the ramp in a separate deal outside of the construction contract, noting that they would need to have an alternate accessible entrance anyway.  However, the contractor subsequently removed the ramp.

In other business, the Culberson County Hospital District:

• Approved accounts payable and financial reports.

• Authorized a group purchasing contract with Region 4 Education Service Center.

• Approved purchase of signs and other fixtures for the new clinic.

• Approved seven tax resale bid requests.


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