Gifted and Talented Students Tour Guadalupe National Park

Photo by Gracie Fuentes

By Gilda Morales

Students from Van Horn’s Gifted and Talented program took a trip to Guadalupe National Park and other areas of interest around the park on last Monday.  In preparation for the field trip, the students researched and created their own slides to become familiar with the area, including the Smith Spring Trail, Butterfield Overland Trail and the Frijole Ranch Museum.

The students’ tour began at the Frijole Ranch Museum, which occupies the old ranch headquarters, and includes a tiny, one-room schoolhouse and springhouse.  The springhouse was initially built for water protection and storage and features a spring, which runs through the courtyard. The tour then progressed to the Smith Spring Trail, a paved hike through Manzanita Spring, a beautiful desert oasis.  The students were also treated to interesting information by the park’s education and information specialist, Elizabeth Jackson, who emphasized to the students the importance of conserving the park for future generations.


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