911 call sends responders on wild goose chase

By Lisa Morton

A late afternoon Emergency 911 call that came into Culberson County Dispatch Office, sent local Sheriff Officers and Volunteer Firemen scrambling to find a reported structure fire.  The caller reported a fire in the 100 block of Parker St.  Responders did not find a fire and began to looking for plumes of smoke or signs of fire throughout the city of Van Horn.  911 Dispatch said the caller, with a youthful sounding voice, called from a non-traceable phone number which could have been from a disposable cell phone.

“We take tinkering with Emergency 911 Dispatch very seriously and will make an example of any who decide to play with our life or death resources”, said Sheriff Oscar Carrillo.  There are State and possible Federal charges that accompany make false reports to 911 and everyone should make their children aware that it is not something to be played with.


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