Hospital and Nurses Week Celebration

By Judy Blazek

Van Horn, Texas (May 16, 2017) – A week long calendar of food and games celebrating National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week concluded last Friday with a cookout for all the staff of Culberson Hospital and Van Horn Rural Health Clinic.

Chefs Jonathon Voelkel, administrator, Chester Morris, human resources manager, and Jennifer Carrillo, health information manager, shared duties at the barbeque, grilling chicken and beef and pork ribs for everyone to enjoy with sides of potato salad, coleslaw and macaroni salad.

“This may not sound like the healthiest meal,” noted Voelkel, “so to set a good example for the community, we had fruit for dessert.”

Food and games are always at the center of the annual celebration of National Hospital Week, May 7-May 13, and National Nurses Week, May 6 – May 12.  “These overlapping weeks are a perfect time to thank all of our employees for what they do for our hospital, clinic and community,” said Voelkel, “and not a good time to worry about calories.”

“These activities provide time for the staff to just have fun together,” said Morris, “which also helps us to work better together.”

The celebration began Monday with servings of “Cinco de Mayo” corn in a cup, and blind-folded employees given a chance to break piñatas filled with candy.  The piñatas finally cracked under the efforts of Voelkel and Matthew Velez, EMT-B, emergency services.    

“Since we knew we were going to have fruit for dessert on Friday, we decided to splurge with ice cream and cherry and peach cobbler on Tuesday,” laughed Voelkel.  Designated Superhero Tuesday, many staff members wore superhero t-shirts and played a game of ring toss eventually won by Pat Munoz, dietary.    

Anyone who visited the hospital on Wednesday may have noticed the Leis around the necks of many employees signaling “Hawaiian Day.”  Coke floats were enjoyed by all, and the water balloon toss was won by Pavel Ceniceros, RT, radiology, and Jayson Connally, RN, nursing.

Thursday was “Jersey Day” with staff members allowed to demonstrate their team spirit.  The Dallas Cowboys dominated much to the dismay of those with competing loyalties.  The ping pong tournament was won by Mehdy Osorio, RN, chief nursing officer, while everyone else won Frito pies and nachos.

“Everyone who won a game was given a gift card to the Cactus Cantina,” said Carrillo.  “We also gave out Cactus Cantina gift cards to another 11 employees who won our hospital week drawing.”


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