Big Bend Ranch Rodeo is this weekend

Mutton Bustin’ at BBRR this year

The Big Bend Ranch Rodeo is happy to announce that we will include a “Mutton Bustin’” in our 2017 rodeo performances.  We invite you to bring your kids and be a part of this event.

     Mutton Bustin’ is an exciting event for the boys and girls who want to experience the excitement of riding in the rodeo arena.  The dream of being a cowboy/cowgirl can be lived

   out in a challenging and fun atmosphere through the sport of mutton bustin’.  In any sporting event especially for children their safety is of utmost importance.  Proper gear, a protectivevest and a helmet will be provided by the BBRR and must be worn by any contestant. A release/waiver of liability and indemnity agreement must be signed by the parent.

   There is also an age and weight restriction—only children ages 4 through 7 and weighingup to 40 pounds will be allowed to participate. In the rodeo arena the kids will be on the sheep inside a chute.  The time of the ride begins when the chute opens—the ride will be timed for 6 seconds.  The kid who holds on for

   6 seconds and has a good ride will be the winner.  If he falls off he is disqualified.  There will be an assigned judge to handle the scoring.  The winner will receive a prize.

In any rodeo event the livestock plays a major role.  They are a valuable asset and will

   be treated with the utmost care and respect.

If you have a kid who would love to try “Mutton Bustin”— then sign him up for some fun.  Sign up will be 1 hour prior to the rodeo performance each night—at the rock in the entrance to the arena.  Visit or call Jaelyn Blackwell at 432-294-4756 for more details.  Entries will be accepted on a “first come-first serve basis“ during each night’s performance.

The Big Bend Ranch Rodeo Committee


1)A release/waiver of liability and indemnity agreement must be signed by the parent

or legal guardian.

2)Only children ages 4 to 7 can compete.

3)A participating child can weigh no more than 40 pounds.

4)All children are required to wear the provided vest and helmet.

5)No spurs allowed.

6)Child must grasp with both hands during ride. (no extra points are awarded for one

hand rides)

7)Child must stay mounted for 6 seconds in order to score and receive ride points.

8)Ride points are awarded by the judge for form, difficulty, speed and quality of ride.

9)All decisions by the judges are final.



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