Culberson Hospital on cutting edge

Culberson Hospital staff viewing a presentation of telemedicine technology by Avera E. Care based in South Dakota.

Photo by Gilda Morales

By Gilda Morales

Several staff members of Culberson Hospital were treated to a presentation by representatives of Avera E Care, a telemedicine company which is vying to provide state of the art back up support to healthcare providers in the emergency setting.  Avera E Care, based in South Dakota will be able to beam in at the push of a button in the emergency department, to provide support from board-certified emergency physicians.

Avera currently provides support to 150 emergency departments, 80% of which are critical access facilities like Culberson Hospital.  The company also has pharmacy support when questions such as proper dosing or drug interactions come up.  Avera’s services include nursing support to small school districts who do not have a school nurse, and busy ICUs are utilizing their services, which can monitor up to 190 pieces of data from 30 patients at a time.

The addition of telemedicine services for emergency support and eventually behavioral health, is part of Culberson Hospital’s push for more services utilizing state of the art technology.  Tentative date for implementation is January, 2018.


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