Extraction training For growing response teams

Submitted by Culberson Hospital

Culberson Hospital Rescue/EMS covers over 3,812 square miles of Culberson County, which includes the Guadalupe Mountains National Park and its surrounding areas.  We are also responsible for providing mutual aid to our neighboring counties should they ever need our assistance.  Culberson Rescue/EMS operates and covers an area that is greater than 120 miles East of I-10, west of US Hwy 90, and from US 54 to Carlsbad, New Mexico. Culberson’s Ambulance Rescue 5 is one of our newest and strongest ambulances out there on our roads.  One of the latest pieces of equipment added to our ambulance is the Hurst Tool or otherwise commonly knows as “The Jaws of Life.”  We can proudly state that we are the only ambulance service in the Southwest Area that carries this specialized tool.  We employ the use of it when there has been substantial damage incurred to the vehicle.  If the only option is to remove the patient from the mangled metal we quickly cut and remove parts of the vehicle. When it comes to providing exceptional patient care, this is one of our many resources we have available when seconds count.

Anthony Velasquez, EMS Supervisor of Culberson Hospital EMS, has proudly served his community for years.  He always ensures that he and his staff are constantly training to better serve the residents of Van Horn.  Not only does Culberson EMS provide its valuable services to the citizens of Van Horn, but also to those who come to visit from far and near or who happen to be traveling through our busy roads.  Culberson EMS frequently trains with the members of the Van Horn Volunteer Fire Department.  Through a joint effort, of the two different departments, they have been able to systematically employ a program that has proven to save many lives.  The U.S. Border Patrol Elite Rescue Team; Borstar trained with Culberson EMS to sharpen their technique such as repelling and rope rescue in the event a mountain rescue is necessary.  No matter what the emergency is you can rest assured you will get highly trained medical professional to assist you in the event one finds themselves in an emergency.

Van Horn has grown at an alarmingly fast rate.  When Mr. Velasquez first started with the department, only five Emergency Medical Technicians were working with the service.  They were responsible for covering the long and busy twenty-four hour shifts that came with the ob.  Since then, Culberson has grown to employ a combined fifteen members of the department that range from EMT-Basic, EMT-Advanced Level Providers and EMT-Paramedics.  The entire specialized team is made up of firefighters, EMT’s, and police officers.  “It has been challenging to get where we are right now, however, with the help and support of the community we have come a long way in such a short amount of time.  I want to personally thank our team and past members for all their hard work.  We will continue to grow, train, and proudly service our entire community”, said Velasquez.


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